Past Events


From April-September 2018, our rooftop garden lived life in an alternate universe – a universe adorned with cucumbers and only seen through a green filter. The summer mission was to grow 13 different varieties of cucumbers to the nth degree, to bring some sweet acidity to winter months, and remind us of all the fun had in the sun.


The Culpeper was joined by Emma Sibley at a special London Terrariums workshop to tie in with the publication of her new book, Urban Botanics: An Indoor Plant Guide for Modern Gardeners, illustrated by Maaike Kostler and published by Aurum Press.

Situated in the rooftop greenhouse at The Culpeper in Spitalfields, guests learned how to build their own Tinyjohn terrarium which they took away with them, along with a copy of Urban Botanics.

Take a look at the video our photographer Pierre Melion put together to capture the event.


For our last workshop with Urban Organic, guests learned how to keep the fresh flavours of summer by drying, pickling and preserving their garden produce.

Attendees were taught preservation techniques in a hands-on practical environment, learning skills that they could implement when tending to their own gardens at home.

The workshop will finished with a tasting session and lunch cooked using produce grown on the rooftop.


Taking in the impressive view of the city, guests had exclusive access to our rooftop garden where they drew the skyline from multiple view points. Lead by east London-based The Shoreditch Sketcher, guests were guided on how to build an image on the go, by someone who specialises in sketching architectural structures between meetings, and on the move.

The session ended with a light lunch cooked on our wood fired grill, with sides containing herbs, salads and vegetables fresh from our garden.


For this workshop, guest were taught how to turn their outdoor space into a botanical cocktail garden, including how to make tinctures, syrups and infusions from herbs picked fresh from The Culpeper roof garden.

Throughout the practical workshop, they were taught harvesting techniques to acquire the botanicals for their cocktails – transferable skills that can be used when gardening day-to-day. Then they put these skills into practice before transforming the herbs from leaf to mid-morning aperitif during a cocktail masterclass.

As usual, tickets were inclusive of a lunch cooked on our wood fired grill, with sides containing herbs, salads and vegetables fresh from our garden.


This practical workshop covered all the essentials needed to create and manage an urban veg plot, including; choosing the right crops for your space, using growing calendars to plan what to plant when, tricks and tips for keeping your garden productive, as well as creating fantastic upcycled planters.

After the practical training, guests indulged in a delicious lunch made entirely from produce that they harvested themselves from The Culpeper roof garden, as well as produce from London based marked garden Keats Community Organics.


For London Food Month, we offered the chance to get in the mind of our namesake, Nicholas Culpeper and transform your garden into a healing herbal haven.

In this workshop we learned about the medicinal properties of our garden herbs and weeds, and learn how to make of bath salts, healing balms and tinctures – all of which guests were able to take home.

Tickets were inclusive of a lunch cooked on our wood fired grill, with sides containing herbs, salads and vegetables fresh from our garden.


In June we hosted a one-off workshop called Edible Botanical Drawing. International artist Katie Scott lead the workshop and let guests into her mind, detailing her approach to botanical drawing. Focusing on the placement of foliage on the page and celebrating the hidden intricacies of the chosen plant life, guests documented the edible botanical display in whatever medium they saw fit.  After the practical, guests then ate a two-course meal incorporating the foliage that was on display. Sourced from mother earth, all plant life was provided by our friends over at London Terrariums.