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The Culpeper Family

Regenerative Agriculture – a Conversation.

An open discussion about how we can restore our food systems and the challenges involved.

Every aspect of our business is impacted by our choices around sustainability. The three pillars of Sourcing, Society and Environment have always been at the forefront of the decisions. Not because of a commercial advantage or to seem on trend but because we believe it is the right thing to do: for us, for our team, our customers and for the planet.

This year started with us challenging ourselves to reform our sourcing policies and take the next step in our sustainability journey. We want to make better, more informed choices about where our produce comes from, the farming techniques involved and the impact of this on the land. But this has raised more questions than answers.

Our pubs and restaurants have never been just about making a profit. Pubs were the original community centres; where people could take time to seek refuge and get advice. This led us to combine the two, introducing Regenerative Agriculture – a Conversation. We do not claim to have the answers, but we want to learn. This event is about opening up conversations and asking the right questions – encouraging people to make better choices when it comes to sourcing and consuming food.

Over two days in January, we will welcome an assembly of voices into our pubs, creating a platform for discussion and learning, for those in the industry and outside to debate, learn and move forward.

We will welcome the true pioneers and doers in this ‘regenerative’ movement. Those people who are working tirelessly to regenerate our food systems and make change. We will hear directly from the growers and farmers, and from the middle men linking consumers and restaurants with their food.

We will explore all areas of the supply chain through talks, panel sessions, and of course conversation. Two dinners on each evening at The Culpeper and The Duke of Cambridge will showcase first hand some of the fantastic food and drink that is being produced through regenerative farming methods.

We are excited and hugely privileged to welcome:

·   Glen Burrows, The Ethical Butcher – who coined the phrase ‘Regenuary’ via a Facebook post that received over one million impressions in January 2020 has since then been driving the movement and will be showing how the conversation has evolved year on year. An Ethical Butcher ‘Regenerative Burger’ will be on offer as a special throughout January at The Culpeper.

·   Natoora x Grower (TBA) x The Culpeper – A panel discussion highlighting the different stages of the supply chain – a ‘grower’, ‘seller’, ‘buyer’ panel talk featuring a grower, Natoora’s founder and CEO, Franco Fubini, and Sandy Jarvis from The Culpeper Family. Chaired by Sustainable Restaurant Association.

·   Tim Spedding – after working at the likes of The Ledbury and opening Clove Club in 2013, Tim returned to his native Cornwall where he initially worked with Coombeshead Farm. Tim is passionate about narrowing the gap between producer and consumer, showcasing what can be achieved when farmer, grower and cook work side by side. Tim will be joining The Duke chefs for a one-of-a-kind dinner on the 21st January.

·   Tutto – working with artisans who farm without using any chemicals in the vines who refuse to manipulate the wines in the cellar, they specialise in wines which reflect the vineyard’s climate, soil and terrain, speaking of both a time and place. Tutto wines will be available to sample at The Duke x Tim Spedding dinner.

·   Matt Chatfield – After spending time away from his family’s Devonshire farm, Matt set up The Cornwall Project to drive interest in Cornish produce and help set up connections between suppliers and restaurants. Turning his sights to sheep after learning about farming through YouTube, Matt began buying old ewes destined for the abattoir, fattening them up on his pasture for at least six months. Cull Yaw was born. The Culpeper chefs will be cooking a special dinner using Cull Yaw on the 20th January.

·   Duchess Farms – a deep dive into life on Duchess Farms from Oscar Harding, sixth generation farmer, Abi Aspen, Head of Grains and Max Ruddle, the regenerative sheep farmer. They will discuss how collectively they make up life on this family run farm in Hertfordshire, which specialises in extra-virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil and heritage grains.

·   Richard Ballard of Zero Carbon Farms – best known for Growing Underground (the salads and microgreens grown 33 metres under the busy streets of Clapham) will present the genesis behind this urban growing and the production of food in a carbon-neutral way.

·   Henry Astor, of Bruern Farms – pioneers farming methods that provide solutions to the current challenges facing conventional British farming such as soil depletion, food security and climate change. Henry is on a mission to build a community and link directly with consumers to tackle these issues with action and education. Hear more about his mission including his work as co-director of The Heritage Grain Trust.


Tickets start from £5 per talk which is redeemable for a drink of your choice.

The dinners are £45 for the menu, drinks available on the night.


If you are having trouble purchasing any tickets on Billetto, please email rhiannon@theculpeperfamily.com